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Stump grinding Newcastle is providing a stump grinding services all over New South Wales. Tree stumps are ground out using a stump grinder. This is a hydraulically driven machine that has a spinning wheel on the front with teeth that chip the stump into little pieces of mulch. As it does so, it mixes with the surrounding soil so you are left with a mixture of fine mulch and soil.  This is all you will be left with at the site where the stump originally was.

Stump grinding Newcastle operates strictly in accordance with workplace health and safety regulations. Specialist tree works include service to Body Corporate, authorities, organizations, commerce and industry. Rural or residential problem trees and storm damage specialists.

Newcastle Stump Grinding is to provide a professional, safe and efficient service whilst maintaining the highest quality of workmanship with a minimal impact to the environment. We are also continually training ourselves and our team members to be as up to date with current legislation and all other industry related matters so that we can offer the best services to any client.

We also do services for Stump Grinding Maitland

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